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Thunderbolts Production Delayed 3 Weeks Before Filming Was Set to Begin

Thunderbolts production won’t be happening in three weeks in Atlanta as previously planned as Marvel Studios has paused on beginning filming the MCU movie.

According to Deadline, Marvel has officially paused all production on the upcoming superhero movie. According to the trade, Thunderbolts production will only begin after the writers strike ends. This joins several other Marvel projects to be delayed as part of the WGA strike. Previously, Blade pre-production was paused, and production was halted on the Wonder Man TV show, which was being filmed in Los Angeles.

Is the Thunderbolts movie delayed?

There currently isn’t an official Thunderbolts release date delay. It was previously scheduled to arrive in theaters on July 26, 2024, and is still officially set to release then as part of Phase 5. However, it could easily miss that date depending on how long the WGA strike lasts, so don’t be surprised if a delay occurs.

During Marvel Studios’ panel at D23, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige unveiled the cast for the upcoming Thunderbolts movie, which will be a team consisting of mostly supervillains and antiheroes. It includes Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Red Guardian (David Harbour), Ghost (Hannah Jon-Kamen), US Agent (Wyatt Russell), Taskmaster (Olga Kerleynko), Yelena Belova/Black Widow (Florence Pugh), and The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).

The movie will be directed by Jake Schreier, who is best known for working on 2012’s Robot & Frank, 2015’s Paper Towns, and the 2021 filmed version of Chance the Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring World Tour.