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The Flash Clip Introduces Barry Allen to Michael Keaton’s Batman

A new The Flash clip has been released, showing two of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allens meeting Michael Keaton‘s Batman.

In the clip, two different versions of Barry Allen — both played by Ezra Miller — wander around the Batcave and admire things like the Batcomputer and the Batmobile. As the Batwing begins to descend, Michael Keaton walks out while wearing his Batman cowl and says that after he helps the speedster duo “find their Superman,” they’re on their own.

Check out the new The Flash clip below:

What is The Flash about?

The Flash movie sees the return of Ezra Miller as the DCEU’s Scarlet Speedster/ Barry Allen, who they first portrayed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeJustice League, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Joining Miller are Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Maribel Verdú as Nora Allen, Sasha Calle as Supergirl, and Ron Livingston as Henry Allen, along with Keaton and Ben Affleck who will reprise their respective versions of Bruce Wayne/Batman for the film.

The film is directed by IT‘s Andy Muschietti from the latest screenplay written by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey). It is being executive produced by Marianne Jenkins with Michael Disco and Barbara Muschietti set as producers.