Enter a Shifting Maze in New Dungeons & Dragons Movie Clip

Initial reviews of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves emphasize the fact that it’s true to the spirit of the long-running role-playing game. But who do you believe — the press, or your own eyes? To prove that indeed, this is an adaptation that gets the experience of rolling the dice against monsters in a maze-like situation, a just-released Dungeons & Dragons movie clip shows an adventuring party caught in a shifting series of walls against a displacer beast and several treasure chests.

Only four of the final party are represented here. Edgin the bard (Chris Pine), Holga the barbarian (Michelle Rodriguez), Doric the druid (Sophia Lillis), and Simon the sorcerer (Justice Smith) seem trapped in a coliseum-like recreation of a dungeon crawl for the entertainment of a bloodthirsty audience. Hugh Grant’s Forge the rogue serves as emcee, though he will later seemingly join the group, along with Rege-Jean Page’s Xenk the paladin, who’s nowhere to be seen yet. The panther-like displacer beast is the main threat here, but others emerge, as the team soon finds.

Watch the the Dungeons & Dragons movie clip below:

That mimic’ll get you if you’re not careful. and Grant’s Forge sure doesn’t seem to like getting high. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves opens March 31 in theaters.

What did you think of the new clip? Is it true enough to the spirit of the game to make you want to see more? Let us know in comments below.

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