Peyton Reed Explains Ant-Man 3’s Post-Credits Scenes

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s post-credits scenes!

For all the gripes about the sequel’s overall quality, Marvel fans seem to have very few complaints about Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s post-credits scenes, both of which set up the future of the Multiverse Saga in big ways. This is especially true of the first scene, which, in a set piece ripped straight from the comics, introduced the Council of Kangs—hundreds of the villain’s lookalikes gathered in one massive coliseum. And with the film now playing in theaters, director Peyton Reed can finally discuss how this moment came to be.

Reed discussed both of Quantumania’s post-credits scenes during a recent interview with IndieWire. As most fans know by now, Jonathan Majors’ Kang was exiled to the Quantum Realm by his variants as punishment for his timeline-conquering habit. And once the initial credits finish rolling, we get to meet those responsible for his exile, including Immortus, Rama-Tut, and new take on Scarlet Centurion, all of whom are played by Majors using different costumes and vocal inflections. 

“In the movie, there’s a specific reason he’s been banished and exiled into the Quantum Realm,” noted Reed. “So it sort of begged the question of, ‘Well, who exiled him?’ I was trying to set up some version of a Godfather-esque mafia thing of like, ‘Oh, who’s triumphant? Who’s discussing the guy who’s no longer with us? And what does it mean to the larger sort of political body of the Kangs?’”

According to Reed, getting to play multiple versions of the same character was one of the things that drew Majors to the role of Kang in the first place. However, he declined to reveal which of these variants might show up again in other MCU projects.   

“For Jonathan, I think it was a taste of one of the things he’s so excited about,” explained Reed. “Which is this potential of playing all these different versions of these variants. Are these necessarily the ones that we’re going to see later? Who knows? But there are variants of each one, and we got really whacked out with it.”

Beyond Kang himself, viewers can look forward to the return of at least one other variant in the near future. The film’s second post-credits tag featured an early look at Loki season 2, with Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson reprising their roles as the titular God of Mischief and Mobius M. Mobius, respectively. The scene showed their characters in a 1920s setting, looking on as another Kang doppelgänger, Victor Timely, gave a presentation about the very concept of time. 

“I love Jonathan’s look and his sort of period voice and his Frederick Douglass hair,” said Reed. “That scene, there was just another glimpse of sort of, ‘OK, there are all these variants and here’s maybe the next one you might meet.’ We liked that idea.”

Which Kang variants are you most looking forward to seeing again? Let us know in the comment section below!

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