Ant-Man Endorses Alcohol-Free Heineken in Latest Commercial

So what does Ant-Man drink? In a new Heineken commercial, the answer seems clear — he likes his beer. He even sneaks in Hank’s fridge, which is a bad idea, given Hank’s history of anger issues. But at least it’s not the kind of hooch that’ll mess him up. A hero needs a clear head when shrinking, growing, and summoning armies of ants. That last one probably won’t be an option in the Quantum Realm, as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has shown no indication thus far that it’ll be micro-sizing insects alongside its humans. In this ad, though, Scott’s ants seem like lushes, really wanting a taste of boozy beer. He has to disappoint them.

Check it out below:

This spot was foreshadowed a month ago in a less high-profile spot, so if you missed that one, here it is, with a slightly judgy ant this time:

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania opens Friday in theaters everywhere. We’d have guessed Ant-Man preferred micro-brews, but clearly Heineken is the official beverage of Scott Lang celebration. Just don’t drink and shrink. (Or grow — that would actually be way worse.)

What do you think of Paul Rudd doing non-alcoholic beer commercials as Ant-Man? Let us know your reactions in comments below.

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