Andy Muschietti Shares a Look at The Flash’s Central City

It’s beginning to look a lot like The Flash movie will finally be a real thing in theaters soon. After almost a decade of development, many directors cast by the wayside, and a star seemingly melting down in public, Andy Muschietti‘s Flash movie should debut a trailer next month. At long last. First, though, he’s revealed a portion of the Central City set, which we saw some of in the apparently canonical theatrical Justice League movie, and more of in the non-canonical Snyder Cut. Unlike the TV version, it looks more comic bookish, with a color scheme that feels straight out of Watchmen.

Take a look below:

It would appear the Flash may have dropped a chest logo, and Muschietti picked it up. In the distance on the far left, there appear to be green screens, presumably to digitally extend the city from one block into many. As for the pizza joint, well, it’s established that Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen loves to eat many of their products. Anyone looking to find him might stake out the place.

What do you think of this new look at Central City? Does it look like the right place to find The Flash? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

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