Avatar Re-Release Features a New Look at The Way of Water

This weekend, James Cameron’s Avatar will return to theaters for a limited time and give viewers the chance to experience the movie as the director claims it was “meant” to be seen. The re-release promises to show the film with enhanced picture and sound. Regardless, this may not be enough to convince some fans to shell out money for a ticket. But this may be the proper incentive. Via Deadline, the upcoming screenings also include a post-credits tag featuring new footage from Avatar: The Way of Water.

As of today, Avatar has already been re-released in international markets including Korea and France. But fans who have already seen the film have begun sharing their reactions online. And it sounds like they were very impressed by what they saw from the highly-anticipated sequel. Deadline also notes that moviegoers aren’t being treated to the exact same footage. So depending on which screening you attend, you might be getting a different collection of scenes.

This isn’t the first time that Avatar has come back to theaters. A Chinese re-release in 2021 helped the film reclaim its spot as the highest-grossing movie of all time (replacing Avengers: Endgame, which snatched the crown for itself in 2019). However, the new screenings re-master the original installment in 4K high-dynamic range. And the film will be available to watch in all formats, including 3D.

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Right now, it remains to be seen if The Way of Water can replicate the original Avatar’s record-breaking box office intake. Cameron himself recently admitted that he isn’t sure about the sequel’s financial prospects. It’s hard to say if interest in Pandora is still the same after 13 years between films. But in the long run, the upcoming re-release will give us a definitive answer. If successful, it could signal a bright future ahead for the Na’vi’s next adventure.

Avatar returns to theaters tomorrow, September 23. Avatar: The Way of Water will arrive on December 16.

Is the promise of new footage enough to get you to see the film on the big screen this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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