Sam Neill Talks Upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder Cameo

This weekend, Sam Neill‘s return to the Jurassic Park franchise hits movie screens everywhere. Next month, however, he’ll return to an integral part in another major franchise. Debuting in Thor: Ragnarok, Neill portrayed “Actor Odin,” the Asgardian portraying Thor‘s father in a play, alongside Luke Hemsworth’s Actor Thor, and Matt Damon’s Actor Loki. And in an upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder cameo, Neill will don the eyepatch again. But this time, he will actually meet both of his scene costars.

Speaking with THR, the veteran actor revealed, “the first time we did this, Matt Damon was in the scene, dying or something, but we didn’t shoot with Matt Damon. So I don’t know how he turned up in that first film, but in this last one, there he was, larger than life. So I was very pleased to meet him.”

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Neill, who first worked with director Taika Waititi in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, also discussed his inspiration for taking on a role based, in-canon, on an Anthony Hopkins character. Though Neill knows Hopkins, he swears it was never an impersonation. “To be absolutely honest with you, I wasn’t doing Hopkins at all,” he says. “I just remembered one or two elderly thespians very early in my career. They were these broody old actors who would sound off in Shakespeare. My god, they were boring. So I was really just copying them, but I never thought I would go down the Hopkins route.”

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