New Lightyear Special Look Emphasizes the Buzz You Know

The official trailers so far emphasized that Disney-Pixar’s Lightyear plays like a more grounded, epic space opera version of the talking figure we know from Toy Story. But in this new Lightyear special look, the emphasis feels back to the Buzz we know. The filmmakers hired Chris Evans  to voice him a little more realistically than the broad comedy of Tim Allen. But the new video plays like a calculated reassurance, full of scenes with a more Allen-like Buzz letting his ego get ahead of him. Mostly, that leads to slapstick beats and misunderstandings that some humility might have avoided.

This is also one of those videos that drops the more serious score out in favor of some more rockin’ tunes that sell Buzz as a full-speed ahead kinda guy. But how exactly does he not know cats purr? Perhaps it helps here to remember that Lightyear is, in-universe, meant as an ’80s sci-fi movie. Thus, the larger world has not yet experienced an Internet full of cat videos.

Check it out below:

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As usual, a new video also means a new poster. And today we get our first with the familiar face of Zurg overshadowing the heroes:

How do you like the look of Lightyear so far? Let us know in comments!

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