Final Doctor Strange 2 Poster Spotlights Stephen and Wanda Variants

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has gotten a lot of posters. Each different screening format has its own, and that’s not even mentioning the standees. But with just over a week to go, Marvel Studios just unleashed the “final” poster. And in a big departure from the norm, it’s not just a Photoshop sandwich of every major character. In classic style, it’s actually an artwork poster, complete with fake  fold lines. And it emphasizes that we’ll probably get a lot of Stephen and Wanda variants.

Much of the chatter among Marvel fans centers on possible multiversal cameos But the real story of the movie looks to center on Wanda Maximoff and Stephen Strange possibly breaking, or fixing, the Multiverse. Wanda’s likely still looking for variants of her imagined children from WandaVision, while Strange has to deal with the ramifications of Spider-Man: No Way Home. (Though that’s a bit of a retcon — originally his movie was to come out first.) Anyway, it looks like Stephen and Wanda variants spell trouble, as most of them feature scarier designs. Take a look below:

Note that this is also the first poster to bill Michael Stuhlbarg so prominently above the title. He returns as rival surgeon Nicodemus West, and will presumably cause much more trouble this time. Perhaps he’s the one marrying Christine in alternate realities.

There are a lot of other design elements at work in this poster. But we’re pretty sure no hidden Deadpool. Let us know what you think you see in comments!

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