Sony’s Morbius Drops Over 73% In Its Second Weekend Box Office

The second weekend at the box office was not kind to Morbius. Sony’s adaptation of Marvel’s living vampire had a $39 million opening a week ago. Some outlets even characterized that as a “massive opening.” However, its second weekend crashed to a second place finish with $10.2 million. That’s a 73.85% drop that pushes Morbius into flop territory. At this point, the film is not only unlikely to recoup its budget, but it may also cost Sony money. Morbius drops.

Sony reportedly kept Morbius‘ production budget to $75 million, and its global take is currently $126.4 million. But keep in mind that studios only tend to get back half of a film’s box office results. And that also doesn’t account for advertising and other outside expenses. The current North American total for Morbius is $57 million, and $100 million domestic seems to be far out of reach. At this rate, Sony will be exceedingly lucky if Morbius even hits $75 million domestic. But even that seems unlikely.

This probably means that any direct Morbius solo sequel is dead in the water. But as seen in the film’s post-credits scenes, Morbius will likely show up again in Sony’s other Spider-Man-adjacent movies.

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The big winner this weekend was Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which opened at number 1 with $71 million. Coming in at number 3 was The Lost City with $9.1 million, with Michael Bay’s Ambulance following at number 4 with $8.7 million. In its sixth weekend, The Batman has placed fifth with $6.5 million and a new $358.8 million domestic total ahead of its HBO Max debut on Saturday, April 23.

At #6, Everything Everywhere All at Once continues to perform well in limited release with $6.05 million. Sony’s Uncharted is hanging around at number 7 with $2.65 million and a new total of $142.9 million. Jujutsu Kaisen took the eighth slot with $825 thousand, while Spider-Man: No Way Home had $625 thousand in ninth place. That brings No Way Home‘s domestic total to $803.8 million. But it will probably fall out of the top ten next weekend. Rounding out this weekend was RRR, which had $570 thousand in the tenth slot.

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