Francis Lawrence Will Direct New Republic’s Stalag-X Adaptation

The Hunger Games helmer Francis Lawrence is returning to the sci-fi genre for his next directorial effort. According to Deadline, Lawrence is teaming with New Republic Pictures on an adaptation of Stalag-X, based on the graphic novel co-authored by Kevin J. Anderson and Steven L. Sears.

Anderson and Sears also collaborated with artist Mike Ratera on Stalag-X, which was originally published as a six-issue miniseries. The story follows a soldier known as Joe Human, who’s taken captive by a hostile alien race and imprisoned on their harsh distant planet. In an effort to understand what “human” really means, the aliens subject Joe to countless experiments that probe the recesses of his mind and unearth several traumatic memories.

Lawrence directed all but the first installment of Lionsgate’s Hunger Games franchise. His last film, Red Sparrow, hit theaters in 2018; while his newest effort, Slumberland, will premiere on Netflix later this year. Lawrence’s credits also include 2004’s Constantine (his feature debut) and I Am Legend.

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New Republic has also hired Joy Wilkinson to write the script for Stalag-X. Studio founder Brian Oliver and President Bradley Fischer will produce the film. Lawrence and Cameron MacConomy are also producing through their about:blank banner.

“When I first read Stalag-X, I was immediately drawn to the rich, unique world that Kevin and Steven created,” said Lawrence in a new statement. “I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Joy to bring their graphic novel to life on screen alongside Brian and Brad, who, as champions of bold storytelling, are the perfect partners for this.”

Are you excited to watch Stalag-X come to life on the big screen? Let us know in the comment section below!

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