Final Morbius Trailer Wonders if He’s the Bad Guy or a Legend

Thus far, the promotional material for Morbius has emphasized the vampire curse nature of the character. And, particularly, the danger he poses to others. But with a recent poster repositioning him as a “Marvel Legend” — like the action figures, presumably — the final Morbius trailer takes a turn. In this one, the folks telling him he’s a bad guy, and clearly trying to position him that way, include Matt Smith’s Loxias Crown and Michael Keaton‘s Adrian Toomes. Sony clearly hopes that MCU fan curiosity about Toomes’ involvement will draw in completest fans.

Take a look in the trailer below:

While Toomes likely has a small part, this offers enough new footage to wonder. With Loki making variants a thing, is this a different character than the one who became the Vulture in the prime Marvel Cinematic Universe? In all likelihood, the post-credits scene will tell the tale. Meanwhile, with new rumors saying Smith’s character goes by “Milo” in some scenes, it’s possible there’s a John Harrison/Khan situation at play. The Hollywood Reporter initially reported him as Loxias Crown in 2019.

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Meanwhile, Michael Morbius’ The Lost Boys reference makes us wonder: if Joel Schumacher’s filmography exists in this universe, has Jared Leto‘s character watched any Batman movies? Eternals made Batman comics canon in the MCU, after all. And if he has…did he see Suicide Squad?

Morbius opens in theaters April 1.

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