Jared Leto Traces Morbius’ History in a New Featurette

Non-comic fans already had some familiarity with Venom before his first standalone movie hit theaters in 2018. But few could say the same for Morbius, who is set to make his live-action debut in April with Jared Leto playing the title role. Sony’s next MCU-adjacent feature has been delayed several times. But ahead of the film’s arrival, the studio has released a primer on the living vampire’s comic book roots, with Leto explaining why the character has endured for so long.

In the video, Leto notes that Marvel originally introduced Morbius as an enemy of Spider-Man in 1971, which also marked a key turning point in comic book history. Back then, the Comics Code Authority forbid the inclusion of any supernatural characters. So Morbius’ appearance was relatively groundbreaking for its time. Leto adds that the villain was “part of a much darker turn” within the House of Ideas’ publishing slate. But over the next several years, he assumed a new role as Marvel’s latest anti-hero.

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“There’s something about the character that stoked people’s imaginations,” said Leto. “It really can grab ahold of you. It certainly did with me.”

Additionally, the video confirms that Morbius’ final trailer will premiere online this Monday, February 28. So we can look forward to seeing brand new footage from the film, and maybe even a few more connections to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

Morbius will open in theaters on April 1.

Are you excited to watch the movie’s final trailer next week? Let us know in the comment section below!

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