Charlie Cox Shares His Hopes For Future MCU Daredevil Appearances

Although Charlie Cox’s cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home was somewhat overshadowed by the other big returns, it gave Daredevil fans what they’ve been asking for: Matt Murdock’s official entrance to the MCU. And according to Cox, it was not only hard to keep the secret, but he was also genuinely unsure about whether he would ever be back in the role. Daredevil appearances.

“For years, I have been asked questions about returning as Daredevil, and the genuine truth was I 100% assumed that was gone, that ship had just sailed,” said Cox during an interview with Supanova. “I didn’t hear from any of the folks at Marvel for a couple of years. It does now look like I was lying for a long time, I actually wasn’t, I was only lying for a little bit of time. You still don’t want to spoil it for people.”

“I don’t think I’ve done any interviews,” added Cox. “I still don’t know what the rules are. Obviously, it’s now known that I’m in Spider-Man. So, yeah. But more than that, I don’t know, and the little I do know, I’m obviously not going to say. But the only thing I would say is that for a long time I was asked these questions and I genuinely had not heard anything.”

Additionally, Cox shared his hopes for more Daredevil appearances in the MCU. Don’t try this at home.

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“I feel so lucky to have been cast in that role and it is the gift that keeps on giving,” noted Cox. “I loved every single minute of making the show. And so, to be asked to come back and to be involved in any capacity is absolutely thrilling to me. And I hope, I don’t want to sound greedy, but I hope I get to do loads more. I hope I get to be involved way, way more for many years..I hope it gets to the point where people are like, ‘You are too old to be playing this part.”

Cox also said he’s not sure what Marvel’s plans are for the character. But the door is wide open now for almost anything.

“I don’t know what their plans are, but yes, my hope is that I get to do as much as I’m allowed to do, and to be involved,” admitted Cox. “And it’d be really fun, the one thing that being in the MCU allows that we couldn’t really do with the Netflix stuff, is that I can now interact with other MCU characters. So, that would be really cool. Crossovers is the thing I would like to do next. I don’t know what that looks like, and I don’t know what they’re planning and all that kind of stuff. But there are some really interesting stories there that I’d love for the character to explore.”

Where do you want to see Daredevil appear next? Let us know in the comment section below!

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