No Way Home Costume Designer on Recreating the Spider-Man Suits

All of Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man movies have given Peter Parker some new high-tech suits to wear. But while working on Spider-Man: No Way Home, costume designer Sanja Milkovic Hays didn’t just have to give Tom Holland’s character a wardrobe upgrade. She also had to revisit classic designs made famous by ex-Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, both of whom made their triumphant return to the franchise in the film’s third act. But surprisingly, the filmmakers couldn’t just dig through Sony’s vaults and pull their costumes out of storage.

Hays explained how her team brought Maguire and Garfield’s suits back in a new interview with DiscussingFilm. According to Hays, they had to create new versions of the actors’ costumes while making sure they looked exactly the same as when they first appeared onscreen.

“We were recreating the original suits from the previous movies so that the characters looked like they just stepped out of those worlds,” said Hays. “The original suits that they actually wore [on-set] are either missing or destroyed. It was really interesting to recreate them because technology has changed so much since they were first designed.”

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“The challenge was that we had to adapt and change so many things, yet make it look like they stepped out of those movies, which did take a lot of tests and paying attention to details,” continued Hays. “Luckily, both Tobey and Andrew still look great and were in shape, which saved us from some potential issues. Ultimately, those suits were a lot more complicated than they look.”

Hays is also currently earning praise for the new costume that Holland’s Peter wears at the very end of the movie. Many fans have even gone so far as to call this the most comic-accurate Spidey suit they’ve ever seen in live-action. However, it doesn’t sound like Hays’ crew actually made a version of this outfit for Holland to wear himself.

“That costume is actually mostly visual effects because of the accuracy,” added Hays. “The idea was to go back to his character’s roots and in doing so, the suit becomes as close to the comic book version as possible.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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