Matt Reeves Reveals More of The Batman’s Influences

Delivering a new Batman movie that feels fresh is no easy task. Regardless, Matt Reeves continues to sound happy with what he and his cast accomplished, and now we have a better idea of how he brought his vision to life. While speaking with Esquire, Reeves shed new light on what inspired The Batman. Matt Reeves reveals.

Reeves may have piqued the interest of a few ‘90s kids last month when he claimed that Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain influenced his “reclusive” characterization of Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. He also cited Gus Van Sant’s film Last Days, which revolves around a fictionalized version of the late frontman. But that isn’t the only film that Reeves watched for inspiration. He also immersed himself in ‘70s noir staples like The French Connection, Chinatown, and Taxi Driver, the latter of which couldn’t have been more fitting. Reeves also explained how he was “blown away” after reading Frank Miller’s acclaimed Batman: Year One story from 1987. And when he saw a note from Miller to artist David Mazzucchelli asking for the Dark Knight “to basically look like he’s won a Taxi Driver-lookalike competition,” he “laughed out loud.”

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Additionally, Reeves’ goal for realism extended all the way to the design of the new Batcave. As he tells it, the look of Bruce’s lair is influenced by an actual underground railway in New York.

“The idea being that some of these wealthy industrialist families had private train cars at the turn of the century,” said Reeves. “So the Batcave is actually in the foundation of this tower. It was [another] way of saying, ‘How can we root all these things in things that feel real, but also extraordinary?’”

Reeves also discussed the new Batmobile, which notably boasts a more simplistic design than other recent Batman movies. It turns out this was intentional, as he wanted it to look like Bruce built it on his own.

“The Nolan films established the Batmobile as a tank, which was a brilliant idea,” added Reeves. “But I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if this guy is a loner and a gearhead and fashioning these things by himself, taking parts of other cars and kit cars?’ So it’s recognizable as a car this time. But it’s like a muscle car. One that he’s made himself.”

The Batman hits theaters on March 4.

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