Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Writers Tease the Two Sequels

Earlier today, Sony Pictures revealed the first teaser for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One). And now, the returning writers and producers, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, are shedding some light on the new adventures of Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. Spider-Verse writers. 

“Miles’ story is an epic,” said Miller and Lord in a new interview with EW. “We wrote what we thought the story needed to be, and to our surprise we realized it was two movies instead of one. We’re working on them both as we speak. Part Two will be out sometime in 2023. We will sleep again in 2024.”

While the preview scene reunited Miles and Gwen, the duo teased that new Spider-Men and women are on the way.

“Miles will reunite with some old friends and meet… a lot of new ones.”

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Additionally, Lord and Miller shared Oscar Isaac’s lone condition for playing Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O’Hara in the upcoming sequel.

“Oscar had one condition of taking the gig: ‘don’t make me boring.’ He’s made a really complex character out of Miguel O’Hara, and he’s definitely not boring.”

While Spider-Man 2099 debuted in the post-credits scene of the first film, the newly released teaser appears to hint at a conflict between Miguel and Miles. But we will have to wait for an explanation for that battle.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) will hit theaters on Friday, October 7, 2022.

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