Marvel Gives Dane Whitman His Own Character Poster For Eternals

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Eternals!

Unlike his immortal girlfriend, Sersi, Dane Whitman missed out on a lot of the action in Eternals over the weekend. But as anyone who sat through the film’s credits knows, his transformation into the Black Knight is definitely on the horizon. And perhaps to tease the big role he’s about to play in the MCU’s future, Marvel has finally given Kit Harington’s character his very own poster for the new film. Check it out for yourself below.

Eternals’ post-credits scene memorably showed Dane in possession of the Ebony Blade, the Black Knight’s signature weapon. But even before the credits rolled, the film dropped a few major hints about his heroic destiny. During a FaceTime call, Serisi encouraged Dane to make peace with his estranged uncle before the Emergence brought about humanity’s destruction. Longtime Marvel fans immediately knew she was talking about Nathan Garrett, Dane’s predecessor as the Black Knight.

In the comics, Nathan’s Black Knight was a villain. However, he eventually felt guilt over his crimes and confessed his true identity to Dane. Nathan asked Dane to restore honor to their family, and he passed the Black Knight mantle onto his nephew. Perhaps Dane took Sersi’s advice in the movie. Because at the end, he tells her that his family history is more complicated than he thought.

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Unfortunately, Dane’s first transformation was interrupted by [Spoiler Text on] Mahershala Ali’s Blade[Spoiler Text off], who (from off-screen) questioned if he was truly ready to wield the weapon’s power. That cameo has several fans wondering if a team of supernatural heroes is being formed to tackle a new threat. But for now, it’s still not clear where Dane Whitman will show up next.

Eternals is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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