Angelina Jolie Reveals Why She Joined the Cast of Eternals

Actors have given a variety of different reasons for boarding superhero projects over the years. Obviously, a nice paycheck always helps. But it’s more reassuring when they discuss how the approach to the source material won them over, which is exactly what Angelina Jolie did while teasing her role as Thena in Marvel’s Eternals during a recent virtual press conference.

Jolie always seemed like a natural fit for the superhero genre, especially given the wide breadth of her acting experience. Regardless, Eternals marks her first time testing these waters. According to Jolie, director Chloé Zhao played a big role in securing her involvement.

“I was attracted to this project for many reasons,” said Jolie (via Heroic Hollywood). “I just wanted to be a part of this family before I even knew very much about who I was going to play…[Chloe is] known for bringing reality to a film, to somebody’s true self. A lot of us were cast to bring out something from our lives, maybe something we weren’t even aware of and let it live and let it grow within the film…I think [women] often have to present to be fully together and to be strong and, yet, I think [Thena] holds both which I think many people do and it’s important to see it.”

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Jolie has previously explained how the character-driven nature of Eternals piqued her interest before she signed on. However, this isn’t her first brush with a superhero property. In a recent interview with Empire, Jolie revealed that she actually turned down a high-profile superhero role in the past. But she didn’t say which one.

Eternals hits theaters on November 5.

Are you looking forward to watching Jolie suit up as Thena on the big screen next weekend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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