Director Jeff Nichols Leaves the Quiet Place Spinoff Movie

Nearly a year ago, Paramount Pictures signed director Jeff Nichols to write and helm a new film within the A Quiet Place universe that would expand the world of the first two films. However, the project has just hit a snag. Deadline is reporting that Nichols has left the upcoming movie. The report also indicates that it was an amicable departure. But it doesn’t give a reason why Nichols and the studio didn’t go forward on this. Regardless, Nichols will remain at Paramount and develop a sci-fi project “which the studio is very high on.”

The currently untitled Quiet Place spinoff remains a priority for the studio, and a search is already underway for Nichols’ replacement. Both of the previous Quiet Place films were successful, especially the first one. John Krasinski co-wrote, directed, and starred in the original film as well as its sequel. Krasinski also came up with the idea for the Quiet Place spinoff.

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Neither Krasinski, nor his wife and co-star, Emily Blunt, will appear in the spinoff film. Instead, Paramount is hoping that the spinoff will “set up a potential Quiet Place universe that the studio can build off of for years to come.” Presumably that means there is also potential for more spinoff stories.

Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller produced the first two films through Platinum Dunes. They will also produce the spinoff alongside Krasinski and Allyson Seeger.

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