Zack Snyder Reveals Title, Possible Plot for Army of the Dead Sequel

Zack Snyder Reveals Title for Army of the Dead Sequel, Planet of the Dead

It’s hard to contest that Zack Snyder’s return to the zombie genre was a success, and Army of the Dead is the living proof of it. In July, the fan-favorite director doubled his commitment with Netflix and announced that a sequel would follow. Today, fans finally discovered the name of the new project Snyder is working on. The new movie is called Planet of the Dead, and it appears to feature plenty of familiar faces from the first movie, including an unexpected one. The first movie implied that Matthias Schweighöfer’s Ludwig Dieter was almost certainly killed at the hands of lead zombie Zeus. However, Snyder is now teasing that it might not be so. (And seemingly spoiling a detail about prequel Army of Thieves‘ ending…)

“The real adventure would be to see what happened to him when that safe door closed,” Snyder said while talking with Inverse. “Did he get killed by Zeus or not? What happened? We don’t see him die on camera, and there’s still some time left. I won’t tell you what happens in Army of the Dead 2 — aka Planet of the Dead — but let’s just say that there’s a chance Dieter survives. And there’s a chance that brush with death would have caused him to want to find a jailed Gwendoline.”

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In the meantime, fans can see Ludwig back at work in the upcoming Army of Thieves. The prequel will hit Netflix on October 29, two days from now. At the time of writing, the streaming platform hasn’t announced an official release date for Planet of the Dead, but fans speculate that it probably won’t happen before mid-2022. An already announced animated series should arrive first.

What do you think about the sequel’s name? Do you like Planet of the Dead? Let us know in the comments section below.

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