Salma Hayek Explains Ajak’s Purpose in Marvel’s Eternals

Marvel Studios’ version of the Eternals is radically different from the team Jack Kirby introduced in 1976. However, it sounds like Salma Hayek’s Akak serves a very important function that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

During a visit to the set last year, Hayek (via discussed what makes Ajak so special. And it sounds like she possesses a unique ability that allows her to stand out among her fellow Eternals.

“So, Ajak is in charge to supervise them, bring them over,” explained Hayek. “I’m trying to go around not saying she’s the boss. She’s the leader. I decide what I tell, when I tell them, because I’m the only one that can talk to the Celestials … See what I’m looking at is the human characteristics, how I see them and stuff, you know?”

“I know that Kingo [Kumail Nanjiani] is the most vain of them all and the attention seeker,” continued Hayek. “I see them like my kids. It’s my own way of finding them, and I talked to this with Chloe [Zhao]. He’s my attention seeker, okay? Then, Thena [Angelina Jolie] is the mysterious, and you never know what’s going to come out in her, you know? Because she is the strongest, and in some ways the most fragile and that’s the beauty in her. This is where I watch out for her.”

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Hayek went on to provide breakdowns of the film’s other characters, revealing just how well she understands their individual personalities.

“Then Ikaris [Richard Madden] is the perfectionist,” said Hayek. “He has everything perfect. He’s very, almost like the obsessive-compulsive one of the family. Gilgamesh [Don Lee] is the one with the good heart. The kindest one with a good heart. You know my Sprite [Lia McHugh] has an attitude, and she’s sarcastic and kind of like a little bit of a smartass sometimes. Is that correct to say? Druig [Barry Keoghan] is the dark one that is always overthinking everything, that asks a hundred questions.”

“Makkari [Lauren Ridloff] is the one that has to know everything,” added Hayek. “Has to know all the facts … Phastos [Brian Tyree Henry] is my gig. He might have to limit the technology time because if I don’t pull him out of that, he can just stay there until he dies. So you see, I am describing them to you in a very familiar way you look at your own children, and that’s how I see them.”

Eternals hits theaters on November 5.

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