Andy Muschietti’s Latest Flash Movie Tease Is an Enigmatic Mashup

Flash movie director Andy Muschietti previously teased fans with glimpses of various hero costumes from the upcoming film. A new-look Flash suit. A blood-stained Batman Returns batsuit. A Supergirl emblem. But the newest one has people wondering. Because in this Flash movie tease, he shows a suit variation that’s not quite canonical, but rather mixes up familiar characters in an unfamiliar way…


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Now, obviously that’s the Batman Returns Michael Keaton suit painted in Flash colors. But what could it mean? We know the movie enters the DC multiverse, and has at least two Batmen in it (Keaton and Ben Affleck). Is it possible we’ll also see Dark Knights Metal‘s evil Flash/Batman hybrid Red Death? That character’s usual costume looks quite different, normally. Or could there be a glitch in the multiverse that briefly merges Ezra Miller’s Flash and Michael Keaton’s Batman before separating them again?

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Muschietti might just have spray-painted the suit for a gag, but that seems like a pretty elaborate reason to deface an authentic prop. It’s far more likely this will appear in the Flash movie in some form.

What do you think this Flash movie tease means? Let us know in comments!

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