Joel Kinnaman Compares His Stints on Both Suicide Squad Movies

With The Suicide Squad just a few days away from its theatrical release, the DC franchise is getting a second shot to break into the fans’ hearts. The upcoming soft-reboot will introduce some new characters in the DC Extended Universe, but it will also bring a few back, including Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag. Kinnaman worked on 2016’s Suicide Squadand it seems that he doesn’t have a pleasant memory about it.

“The thing that we made wasn’t something that we felt great about,” he said while talking with the UK version of GQ. “You could feel that there were conflicting visions in the cut.”

In that regard, he says that they had to reshoot the ending twice as the script wasn’t finished yet when they ran it first. He stated that as much effort as he put in, he never felt attached to the character. However, things changed after James Gunn took over the direction of the franchise.

“We were allowed to be silly and take chances,” Kinnaman added. “I think what surprised me when I saw the film was first how well it flowed. How he [Gunn] was able to create these little bubbles of emotional sincerity and some moments of real poetic beauty and they felt earned.”

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The actor also revealed that the upcoming film will feature one of the most emotional performances he ever had to give.

“I had to look at it in a way that I had never looked at a character before,” he added. “It was a very different take on Flag. I felt it was a much more idealistic and less cynical version. It felt like he had much more emotions available. In some ways, it felt closer to myself.”

The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max on August 6.

What do you expect from Rick Flag in the new take on The Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comment section below!

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