Mark Wahlberg’s Past Lives Come Back To Haunt Him in the New Trailer For Infinite

The next big Mark Wahlberg action thriller is only a few weeks away. Paramount has just released the first trailer for Infinite, a new sci-fi adventure that will be available to stream next month.

Wahlberg stars in the film as Evan McCauley, a self-medicated man whose visions of places he’s visited bring him closer to a mental breakdown. However, he discovers he might not be crazy after all when he learns that he belongs to a race of reincarnated humans called “Infinites,” and that his memories are actually glimpses into his past lives. Faced with no other option, Evan teams up with others like him to take down one of their own who seeks to destroy humanity.

The film is loosely based on The Reincarnationist Papers by D. Eric Maikranz. Regardless, it looks like another standard action vehicle for Wahlberg. Many stunt-heavy sequences are on display in the trailer, most of which involve vehicular combat. It also looks like Wahlberg’s character will be visiting a variety of different locations, from urban landscapes to snowy mountains and beyond. Plus, there are plenty of shots of Chiwetel Ejiofor looking evil.

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Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) directed Infinite from a screenplay by Ian Shorr. Paramount was originally going to release the film in August of last year. But thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the studio was forced to rethink their game plan. Now, the movie will have its world premiere on Paramount+. Apparently, news of the film’s streaming debut came as a surprise to both Fuqua and Wahlberg.

Infinite hits Paramount+ on June 10.

You can watch the new trailer for the film below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!

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