Statue Offers Most Detailed Version of Robert Pattinson’s Batman so Far

As part of a recent online showcase, Prime 1 Studio revealed many new and upcoming statues based on pop culture properties including Batman. Often, the company goes with either 3-D versions of artist-specific takes, or live-action recreations. In the case of The Batman, however, they’ve sort of done both. Their new statue of Robert Pattinson‘s Batman is based on the caped crusader’s movie look. However, it’s more specifically based on Jim Lee’s mini-poster of said look. The red one, created for last year’s DC FanDome.

This leaves several questions unanswered. Did the sculptors have direct access to the movie costume, or did they just interpret Lee’s take on it? Based on the video, they make it sound more like the latter. So many details could change in the film. In that first teaser, for example, Batman’s eyes look whited out. On the statue, they fit the usual Batman movie style of black paint around regular eyes. That could simply be an artist’s interpretation. One thing’s for certain — they’ve definitely made Pattinson look like Batman.

No details and specifics about ordering so far, but most of the company’s other Batman statues scale at 1:3. That would make Batman about two feet tall, plus the base. Here’s a previous example available at Entertainment Earth. That should indicate an approximate price point. Note: Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate program and earns fees based on sales through our links.

If the final costume looks anything like this, seems safe to say Pattinson only kidded when he said he didn’t work out for the role. This beefy Bat should make Frank Miller proud.

What do you make of this statuesque look at “Battinson” all geared up? Let us know in comments.

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