HBO Max Confirms Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Justice Is Gray

By now, everyone who’s been hyped up for Zack Snyder’s Justice League has likely watched it. Maybe even more than once. Perhaps many fans thought that would be it for a while. But now HBO Max reveals a reason to watch again, as the black-and-white “Justice Is Gray” edition will soon arrive. Snyder calls this his favorite version, as it’s the one he saw in the editing room daily. George Miller felt similarly about Mad Max: Fury Road, leading to the fan favorite Black and Chrome edition. Likewise, James Mangold remastered Logan in monochrome to give it an old western vibe.

To demonstrate what the recolored version looks like, HBO Max just released a scene featuring Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons. It’s a simple dialogue moment, in which Alfred questions Bruce’s plan of action. But it showcases just how the many shades of black in Batman’s workshop sport different levels of gray.

Check it out in the player below:

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HBO Max doesn’t mention a date yet, besides “soon.” But they’ve ensured people will still keep talking about the movie for quite a while.

Will you watch the movie again in black and white? Let us know in comments.

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