Hans Zimmer Drops the First Track From His Wonder Woman 1984 Score

In less than two months, Wonder Woman will (hopefully) return to movie theaters. It leaves behind the dour atmosphere of the original film’s WWI setting by fast-forwarding to the ‘80s, a decade marked by colorful outfits and, of course, its vibrant musical output. But since Wonder Woman 1984 is still a superhero movie, we should expect to hear a few empowering orchestral arrangements here and there. Now, composer Hans Zimmer has given fans a taste of his upcoming soundtrack.

Zimmer recently took to Twitter to share that his first WW84 offering, “Themyscira,” is now available to stream. Check out his announcement below.

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True to its name, “Themyscira” is a song worthy of the island nation’s warriors. Although it starts out ominous, the strings eventually build toward something more optimistic. It’s a safe bet that most of Wonder Woman 1984 probably takes place in Man’s World. Regardless, it’s good to know that fans can look forward to seeing the Amazons in action in their natural habitat. Earlier this year, director Patty Jenkins confirmed that the sequel also includes a scene depicting the Amazon Olympics. So perhaps Zimmer’s latest piece serves as the backdrop to this event.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens on October 2.

You can listen to “Themyscira” below. What do you make of Zimmer’s first contribution to the sequel? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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