Superman: Man of Tomorrow Launches a New DC Animated Movie Universe

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War was essentially the Avengers: Endgame of the DC Animated Movie Universe. Not only did it feature a huge team up of heroes, it also wrapped up several films’ worth of storylines and paved the way for something new to spring up in its wake. Fans are about to get their first taste of what’s next with the arrival of Superman: Man of Tomorrow. While speaking with CBR, director Chris Palmer, confirmed that this isn’t a standalone entry in DC’s animated film canon. Instead, it will reboot the entire DCAMU.

Man of Tomorrow turns back the clock to Clark Kent’s early days as Superman. According to Palmer, this makes it the perfect starting point for a brand new cinematic universe.

“The films were winding down from the previous arcs, the stories being for the past ten years for Warner Animation,” said Palmer. “In searching for [a way to] launch the first film [in a new universe], Superman seemed like the big character to go with.”

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Palmer went on to explain how giving the new movie a more optimistic tone was a deliberate choice that the filmmakers made.

“This film is obviously a lighter take — Apokolips War is pretty dark, obviously — Superman in blue skies in a shiny, new Metropolis,” added Palmer. “Even visually, there’s that feel of a new beginning, starting with a younger Clark, as well. Starting with his first year on the job rather than a well-established Superman already in the suit helps with that.”

Superman: Man of Tomorrow will hit digital on August 23 before getting a Blu-ray and DVD release on September 8.

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