Spider-Man: Far From Home

Sony Moves Third Spider-Man MCU Film To December 2021

In the era of COVID-19, no release date is set in stone. Earlier today, Disney pushed back Avatar 2 from its date on December 17, 2021. Its new date is December 16. 2022. Consequently, Sony has jumped on the empty holiday release slot and claimed it for the next Spider-Man movie.

Via Deadline, has the currently untitled follow up to Spider-Man: Far From Home slated to drop on December 17, 2021. Because none of the other studios acted in time, the third MCU Spider-Man movie has that date to itself. It also keeps the date somewhat in the Disney family, since Marvel Studios is co-producing it with Sony. Under the terms of the one-film extension signed last year, Disney/Marvel will put up 25% of the budget in exchange for 25% of the box office. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will also appear in at least one other MCU film.

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Zendaya is also highly likely to return as MJ in the next Spidey film. Additionally, J.K. Simmons has hinted that he already filmed a new scene as J. Jonah Jameson. However, since the sequel has yet to begin filming or wrap casting, it’s likely Simmons’ scene was similar to his cameo in Far From Home. In that film’s mid-credits scene, Jameson exposed Spider-Man’s secret identity to the world. That will probably make Peter Parker’s life difficult in the next movie.

Holland is currently filming Uncharted for Sony. Regardless, Holland recently shared his belief that he’ll finish wrapping that film and his Spidey sequel by February 2021.

What do you think about Spider-Man 3‘s new release date? Can Spidey mine the holiday box office for Jumanji-like riches? Let us know in the comment section below!

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