Todd McFarlane Accepts Responsibility For the Spawn Reboot Movie’s Slow Development

Todd McFarlane Accepts Responsibility For Spawn Reboot Movie’s Slow Development

Back in 1997, New Line released a live-action theatrical film based upon Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. However, McFarlane was never satisfied with that adaptation, and he insisted upon writing and directing the upcoming Spawn reboot movie himself. But according to McFarlane, he may also be responsible for failing to get the film out of development Hell.

Via CBR, McFarlane told Forbes “I wrote the first draft of the screenplay. If I’d done my job and written a screenplay that mattered, that would have sold it. I’m culpable on that end to start with.”

McFarlane already lined up Jamie Foxx to headline the film as Spawn, with Jeremy Renner as Detective Twitch Williams. Regardless, McFarlane indicated that his recent hints about another big name potentially joining the movie has not come to pass. But there is someone else he has his eye on now.

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“There is someone – a major talent behind the camera – we had our eyes on and it didn’t work out,” noted McFarlane. “It happens. But we didn’t lose anyone, because we never had them. So we’re on the trail of someone else now. It would be a giant headline if we can get the person we’re looking at.”

Jason Blum is attached to produce the Spawn reboot, but a major studio has yet to sign on to release the film.

Do you think that Todd McFarlane is personally responsible for not being able to sell the Spawn reboot? Let us know in the comment section below!

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