Daisy Ridley Opens up About Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Backlash

Even though the movie has ended its theatrical run, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is still a hot topic in the Star Wars fan community. Many expressed their disappointment with the conclusion of the Skywalker saga on social media. Actress Daisy Ridley was one of the people who had a hard time dealing with the backlash. Speaking on a recent episode of DragCast, Ridley discussed the way the fans’ reactions varied over the years since The Force Awakens premiere.

“It’s changed film by film honestly, like 98%, it’s so amazing, this last film it was really tricky,” Ridley said. “January was not that nice. It was weird, I felt like all of this love that we’d sort of been shown the first time around, I was like ‘Where’s the love gone?’

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The actress tried to give an explanation for the harsh backlash. According to her, people share too much information — and too many opinions — on social media.

“I don’t have social media, anyway—but if I went to a film and didn’t like it, I just wouldn’t Tweet about it,” Ridley added. “But it’s such a conversation and it always has been. I guess now conversations are just more public, so there’s stuff I wouldn’t have seen. But, honestly, trying to scroll through my newsfeed in January and trying not to see Star Wars stuff, I’d see headlines and be like ‘Oh my God this is so upsetting.’”

For now, there is no plan to see Ridley’s Rey in the Star Wars universe again in the near future.

What do you think about Daisy Ridley’s words? Do you agree with her perspective on the reasons for the Raise of Skywalker backlash? Let us know in the comments section below.