Ryan Unicomb’s Justice League: Mortal Documentary is Resuming Production

For the last few weeks, filmmaker Ryan Unicomb has teased his plans to make a documentary about George Miller’s aborted Justice League: Mortal project. Unicomb first began kicking around the idea of making a documentary about the film-that-never-was several years ago. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t materialized, which Unicomb recently attributed to “pushback from the studio and most of the creatives involved.” But now, the filmmaker has signaled a change in the winds.

Via his Instagram page, Unicomb announced that the documentary, titled 7 Friends: George Miller’s Justice League, is back on. Moreover, he’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign for the film this summer. You can check out what else he had to say below.


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It definitely sounds like the documentary is going to be something special if Unicomb plans on talking to Mortal’s cast and crew. The film, which Miller was going to direct from a script by Kieran and Michaele Mulroney, would have starred Armie Hammer as Bruce Wayne/Batman; D.J. Cotrona as Clark Kent/Superman; Megan Gale as Wonder Woman; Common as John Stewart/Green Lantern; Santiago Cabrera as Aquaman; Adam Brody as Barry Allen/The Flash; Hugh Keays-Byrne as Martian Manhunter; and Teresa Palmer as Talia Al Ghul. Jay Baruchel would have menaced the team of heroes as Maxwell Lord.

Mortal’s production was initially derailed by the Writers Guild of America strike that began in late 2007. Once the strike ended, the movie faced even more delays that ultimately resulted in its cancellation. Until now, fans seeking to learn more about the film have had to settle for the occasional comment made by the actors (including Hammer and Brody) about their pre-production experience. The intervening years have also graced us with a few pieces of concept art. Some of this has recently come from Unicomb, which likely played a role in drumming up new enthusiasm for his documentary.

Are you excited to see what Ryan Unicomb is planning for 7 Friends: George Miller’s Justice League? Will you contribute to the doc’s fundraising campaign? Let us know in the comments down below!

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