Birds of Prey Producer Talks About the Film’s Reshoots and Spinoff Potential

When Birds of Prey was filming, Warner Bros. must have been considering the franchise potential of its latest DC movie. The abundance of central characters certainly presents several different opportunities for sequels and spinoffs. Of course, whether these actually get off the ground depends on how well the original film does, a fact noted by its producer, Sue Kroll.

Kroll recently participated in a lengthy interview with /Film about Birds of Prey’s production. Among several other topics, she commented on the possibility of certain members of the titular girl gang getting their own movies down the road.

“Well look, we have to get through the release,” said Kroll. “This needs to be successful. But this is a big expansive world. So of course, anything’s possible, Yeah, I think people would love to see more stories. So we’ll see, but of course, it would be a very natural thing. But we haven’t talked about it at all, right now we’re focused on getting this movie open. One step at a time.”

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Right now, Birds of Prey’s financial prospects aren’t looking any better than they did a week ago. WB is hoping to boost box office numbers by changing the title to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey on various ticketing websites. Unfortunately, this may have been for nothing. Variety is predicting that Sonic the Hedgehog will overtake the film as the new box office champion this weekend.

Additionally, Kroll was asked about the reshoots that took place with assistance from John Wick series director Chad Stahelski. Some fans may have heard the word “reshoots” and thought it spelled trouble. However, Kroll once again insisted that this was merely done to enhance the film’s action sequences.

“So the reshoots, I think it got overstated in the press just a little bit,” added Kroll. “We did, after we saw the movie and the studio saw the movie, the action was working really beautifully and we all decided that we wanted more of that. And so, we had Chad brought on — we’ve been working with at 87Eleven, Jonathan Eusebio who designed the original stunts for the film’s funhouse [sequence] and so on. So it was a very natural extension, it was all the same people. The same crew, same stunt people, same choreographers, everything. But with additional work that was being done for the reshoots.”

Are you holding out hope for any Birds of Prey spinoffs? Let us know in the comment section below!

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