Taika Waititi Discusses Valkyrie’s Sexuality in Thor: Love and Thunder

This past weekend, Taika Waititi became an Academy Award-winning screenwriter, so there’s some newfound interest in what he’ll do next. But since Thor: Love and Thunder is easily his most high-profile project in the works, it seems like he’s been fielding more questions about that than anything else on his docket. Waititi’s off-beat filmmaking style definitely makes the upcoming Thor sequel a prime source of fascination, particularly when it comes to how he’ll handle Tessa Thompson’s return as Valkyrie.

Before Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters, Valkyrie was confirmed to be the MCU’s first bisexual superhero. The film didn’t actually make any clear references to this. However, it sounds like Waititi aims to rectify this mistake in Love and Thunder. While speaking with Variety, Waititi was asked if he wants Valkyrie to be “explicitly queer” in the follow-up. Apparently, he’s leaving it up to Thompson to make that call.

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“I think so,” said Waititi. “The IP is not mine. But with the actors, I feel whatever makes them comfortable — whether they feel like there’s a natural choice, or a natural way for that character to go — then I’m pretty supportive. If Tessa wanted to do that, I’m in.”

Thompson has definitely shown an interest in exploring Valkyrie’s sexuality in Love in Thunder. After Marvel announced the film at Comic-Con last summer, she insisted that Valkyrie “needs to find her Queen” to rule beside her on New Asgard. She also revealed to Rolling Stone around the time of Ragnarok’s release that Waititi filmed a scene for the movie that showed a woman leaving Valkyrie’s bedroom. Unfortunately, this was left on the cutting room floor.

Thor: Love and Thunder opens on November 5, 2021.

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