Charlize Theron May Bring The Frighteners To TV

A spooky cult classic from the ’90s favorite just get a second chance on the small screen. Bloody Disgusting reports that Charlize Theron’s Denver and Delilah Productions are working on a TV adaptation of the classic horror film The Frighteners.

Based on the report, the potential series has made the rounds over the past year, while also exploring a potential follow-up film as well. However, it looks to have different tone than the original film; which was directed by The Lord of the RingsPeter Jackson.

According to Bloody Disgusting, the new Frighteners will be “stripped of humor,” and adopt a more serious approach. That would be in line with Denver and Delilah Productions’ previous work on the Netflix original series, Mindhunter.

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The Frighteners first opened in theaters in 1996, with Michael J. Fox as Frank Bannister, man who can talk to ghosts. As the death of his wife, Frank works with a trio of ghosts in a business venture as they “spook” residents, before Frank pretends to exorcise them. However, a lethal Grim Reaper-like ghost forces Frank to look more closely at his wife’s murder while attempting to clear his own name.

Although it only made $16 million domestically, The Frighteners has become a fan favorite over the years. That makes it prime material for a return, even with its more serious tone. There’s no word if Peter Jackson will take part in the series, nor if any of its original stars will return. Given its new “stripped of humor” approach, that likely won’t be the case.

What do you think about The Frighteners making a comeback to television? Let us know in the comments below!

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