Noah Hawley Hints At New Star Trek Cast and New Direction

Back in November, Noah Hawley, of Fargo and Legion fame, signed on to take the reins of the next Star Trek movie. Hawley recently spoke at a Television Critics Association panel for the fourth season of Fargo. Afterwards, he teased at some of the details on the project — and he wants to do Star Trek his way.

“I’m excited to make a big movie that appears to everyone in that way,” explained Hawley via Slashfilm. “I feel like I went through an experimental phase with Legion and then with Lucy. I’m excited, with Fargo and with Star Trek, to just tell a great story well. I’m sure once I get into the filmmaking of it, I’m always trying to innovate and find ways to create emotions in an audience that they don’t expect and so we’ll just have to see.

However, Hawley may not have the cast of the previous three Star Trek films at the forefront of his movie.

“To call it Star Trek IV is a kind of a misnomer,” said Hawley. “I have my own take on the franchise as a life-long fan.” 

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When he was asked about possibly using a new cast, Hawley said “Yeah, I think so, yeah” before adding that “new characters often involve new cast.” However, Hawley also noted he “still [has] to write a script and everything.”

What do you think about Hawley’s possible new direction with the Star Trek franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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