Joker’s Zazie Beetz Addresses the Fate of Her Character

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Joker!

DC’s big-screen adaptation of Joker introduced viewers to Sophie Dumond, as played by Zazie Beetz. Within the film, Sophie seemingly became romantically involved with Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Curry. However, their relationship turned out to be entirely in his head. Unfortunately, Arthur didn’t realize the truth until after he forced his way into Sophie’s apartment. While Sophie didn’t appear after that scene, Beetz is fairly confident that she wasn’t killed by Arthur.  

“It was always very self-evident to me that she didn’t get killed,” Beetz explained while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter. “Arthur was avenging himself against people who did him wrong, and I didn’t [wrong him]. I acknowledged him.”

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“I think when he comes into my apartment, he understands what the situation is and that I would feel fear at that moment,” continued Beetz. “I still function in an act of trying to take care [of him], like, ‘Should I call your mother?’ or, ‘Do you need help right now?’ I never felt that [she died], but a lot of people did — so it’s up to interpretation, I suppose.”

Additionally, Beetz had some kind words for both Phoenix and Joker’s director, Todd Phillips.

“I’m so happy for Todd, and I’m so happy for Joaquin. I know this was their baby, and they took a lot of risks,” said Beetz. “I would do anything with Todd and Joaquin. That world is so wonderful and special. If they asked me to do anything else, I would be so happy to.”

Joker will hit Blu-Ray and DVD on Tuesday, January 7.

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