Warner Bros. Debuts Birds of Prey Character Posters

At CCXP in Brazil, Warner Bros. dropped a new trailer for Birds of Prey. However, fans are gonna have to wait a little longer to see that. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has released a few new Birds of Prey character posters. Naturally, Harley Quinn got her own poster, since the bulk of the film revolves around her. Regardless, Black Canary and Huntress finally got the spotlight as well.

Additionally, Cassandra Cain, Renee Montoya, Black Mask, and Victor Zsasz get posters of their own. Until now, they’ve been largely overshadowed by Harley. But within the movie itself, Cassandra is the young girl who brings the new Birds of Prey team together after she crosses Black Mask.

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Margot Robbie headlines Birds of Prey as Harley Quinn, alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Black Canary. Ella Jay Basco co-stars as Cassandra Cain, with Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya. Ewan McGregor will play the film’s primary villain, Roman Sionis/Black Mask, with Chris Messina as the deranged killer, Victor Zsasz.

Birds of Prey will hit theaters on February 7, 2020.

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