Ant-Man and The Wasp

Peyton Reed Will Direct Ant-Man 3 For Marvel Studios

Although Ant-Man and the Wasp are sitting out of Marvel’s Phase 4, it looks like they will be back for Phase 5. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Peyton Reed will return to helm Ant-Man 3. Reed originally took over the first Ant-Man from Edgar Wright when he had creative differences with Marvel. In 2018, Reed returned for the sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Presumably both Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly will reprise their respective roles as Ant-Man and the Wasp. The pair recently lent their voices to the Avengers: Damage Control VR experience. Both characters were also a part of Avengers: Endgame, although Rudd’s Scott Lang had the bigger role. That film notably introduced Emma Fuhrmann as Scott’s teenage daughter, Cassie Lang.

In the comics, Cassie eventually gained size-changing powers of her own and took on the codenames Stature and Stinger. But if Reed wants to keep the film series’ naming motif, we would suggest Ant-Man, the Wasp and Giant-Girl as the title.

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Marvel Studios has yet to comment on THR’s story, but it’s a good bet that Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer would also reprise their roles as Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne. Scott’s partners, Luis (Michael Peña), Dave (Tip “T.I.” Harris), and Kurt (David Dastmalchian) would also be contenders to return alongside Judy Greer as Maggie and Bobby Cannavale as Jim.

Ant-Man 3 doesn’t have a date yet, or an official title. But it will likely arrive in either 2022 or 2023.

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