Joker Gets an IMAX Poster Ahead of Its Theatrical Run

In just over two weeks, Gotham City’s Clown Prince of Crime is getting his own solo movie. While Joker presumably won’t have to fight Batman in this movie, he wasn’t able to steal an extended slot in IMAX. Starting on October 3, Joker will get a one-week run in IMAX theaters before giving way to other films. However, IMAX didn’t pass up the opportunity to produce an exclusive Joker poster for the limited engagement.

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Todd Phillips directed and co-wrote Joker, which re-imagines the origin of Batman’s greatest villain. Joaquin Phoenix stars as Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian who finds his inner madman as the Joker. The film is set during the ’80s, well before the rise of Batman and other costumed heroes and villains.

Zazie Beetz also stars in the film as Sophie Dumond, the unfortunate object of Arthur’s affections. Frances Conroy co-stars as Arthur’s mother, Penny Fleck; while Brett Cullen will portray Thomas Wayne, father of future Batman, Bruce Wayne. Robert De Niro, Marc Maron, Bill Camp, and Shea Whigham also have supporting parts in the film.

Joker will hit theaters on Friday, October 3.

What do you think about the new Joker IMAX poster? Will you see the film in a standard theater or IMAX? Let us know in the comment section below!

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