Margot Robbie May Be Rebooting Tank Girl

Tank Girl might be shooting her way to movie theaters once again, if Margot Robbie has her way. A new report suggests that the Suicide Squad actress could be picking up the rights for a reboot to the British comic book. 

The news comes straight from the Twitter account of Alan Martin, the co-creator of the original comic book series. He noted the following: 

“Just heard that Margot Robbie’s company have optioned rights from MGM to make a new Tank Girl movie – now several months into development. We haven’t been contacted by any of the parties involved with the project, so not sure if there will be any input from the original creators.”

That’s not to say it’s officially happening. But with Robbie’s group, LuckyChap Entertainment, on board, it could be moving forward quickly. That said, keep in mind that Robbie is only a producer on the project. She’s not confirmed to actually portray Tank Girl – at least, not at the present time.

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Tank Girl already made its way to the big-screen back in 1995. Starring Lori Petty and Malcolm McDowell, the movie ended up being a box office bomb, only making back a portion of its $25 million budget. However, it has since become a cult classic over the years, regenerating a great deal of interest in the character. And modern visual effects could go a long way toward realizing the original vision.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what comes on the Tank Girl front. But in the meantime, however, Robbie and LuckyChap are keeping quite busy. Their upcoming project, Birds of Prey, received a new teaser trailer with It: Chapter Two over the weekend. That film, which features Robbie returning to the role of Harley Quinn, hits theaters in February 2020.

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