Amazon’s The Boys Gives The Seven Their Own Toy Commercial

Earlier this summer, Amazon brought Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic, The Boys, to life as a live-action series. This MA superhero show has embraced the idea that you should “never meet your heroes.” That’s exemplified by The Seven, a thinly veiled take on the Justice League. While the parallels between The Seven and the Justice League are obvious, their corruption isn’t apparent to the general public within the show. So instead of being reviled as a group of dangerous narcissists, The Seven are embraced as heroes.

Amazon has released a new video that spoofs The Seven’s celebrity status by giving them their own toy line. Within the clip below, a group of kids play with Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, A-Train, Black Noir, Lamplighter, and Translucent. Starlight’s action figure is also teased at the end.

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Amusingly, The Deep is featured with a dolphin despite the commercial’s disclaimer that it doesn’t come with his figure. It would be very hilarious if Amazon actually released these figures without giving The Boys their own toys.

The Boys season 2 is currently in production. Amazon will likely premiere the new season in 2020. The show has already become one of Amazon’s most popular series. That also means it probably won’t be an excessively long wait for new episodes.

What did you think about Amazon’s faux-commercial for The Seven’s action figures? Would you buy these toys if you could? Let us know in the comment section below!

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