Disney and Sony Both Want Jon Watts to Direct New Marvel Films

As with any divorce, the ongoing split between Disney and Sony over Spider-Man is hardest on the kids. Now, there’s a custody battle going on for Jon Watts’ work schedule. According to Deadline, the warring studios are trying to secure the director of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home for future films.

Deadline previously reported that Watts still isn’t signed on to helm the next two Spider-Man films. Sony clearly wants him to come back for a third Spider-Man installment. The screenwriters of Far From Home, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, are returning for Spidey’s next big screen adventure.

However, it looks like Marvel Studios is making an effort to keep Watts on their team. With new Spider-Man movies out of the question, this would mean that Marvel has him in mind for a different superhero franchise. Deadline’s sources also note that Sony’s Tuesday night statement indicating that Kevin Feige was “too busy” to creatively guide any more Spider-sequels “just doesn’t hold water.”

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Regardless of where anyone stands, this new bout of “tug-of-war” (as Deadline colloquially terms it) only confirms how ugly this dispute has become. If things continue to go this route, it makes the likelihood of a resolution between the studios seem all the more remote.

Meanwhile, other MCU vets continue to weigh in on the debacle. During today’s D23 festivities, Jon Favreau (via Variety) shared his hope for a peaceful denouement. But one VIP who has yet to comment on the situation is Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland. Most recently, the actor posted a series of Instagram photos that show him hanging out with Robert Downey Jr., his former MCU co-star. However, Holland offered no indication of his feelings about this week’s news.

Do you think Jon Watts should soldier on with Sony’s Spider-Man franchise or direct different movies for Marvel? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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