Marvel Doesn’t Take Extra Spoiler Precautions With Tom Holland & Mark Ruffalo

Marvel Doesn’t Take Spoiler Precautions With Tom Holland & Mark Ruffalo

Despite Marvel Studios’ preference for secrecy, two of its biggest stars, Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo, have developed quite a reputation for dropping spoilers ahead of time. But according to Marvel’s Kevin Feige, the studio isn’t going out its way to keep the duo in the dark.

While talking to Empire (via CBR), Feige said “we did not take any special measures for Tom or Mark Ruffalo, who has a tendency to let his phone record at all times and all places. But they’re also both so lovely that you can’t get that mad.”

According to Feige, Holland doesn’t get enough credit for keeping some of his secrets intact.

“The truth is that Tom is amazing, and has kept a lot of secrets,”added Feige. “About the two-millionth time it came up about him being terrible with secrets, he came up to me and said, ‘You know, I do keep a lot of secrets…’ I know, but it’s a thing now, a fun thing, so let’s lean into it. And he’ll go off and spoil something else.”

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It’s not as if Holland and Ruffalo didn’t earn their reputations. As initially assembled by io9, the pair have a few infamous incidents under their belts. That includes the time Ruffalo spoiled the ending of Avengers: Infinity War a year before it came out.

While Don Cheadle couldn’t prevent Ruffalo from going off script, Benedict Cumberbatch had a unique way of stifling Holland’s spoilers.

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