Bruce Campbell Says He Was Never Playing Mysterio In Spider-Man 4

Bruce Campbell Says He Was Never Playing Mysterio

Over the last decade, the accepted lore was that Bruce Campbell was going to play Mysterio in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4. It would have also established that Campbell’s previous Spider-Man cameos were Quentin Beck all along. But Campbell recently addressed that rumor and denied that it was ever a real thing.

“That was a fanboy thing that started,” said Campbell while speaking with Flickering Myth. “Do you know Sam Raimi never sent, like, an email or a phone call saying, ‘Hey Bruce, uh, prepping Spider-Man 4, what do you think about Mysterio?’ That conversation never happened.”

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Raimi and Campbell have a long history together, including the Evil Dead films. Campbell had a cameo in the first Spidey film as the wrestling announcer who coined “Spider-Man.” Campbell returned as an usher in Spider-Man 2 (pictured above). Finally, Campbell also appeared in Spider-Man 3 as a waiter who tried to assist Peter Parker’s attempted proposal to Mary Jane. Raimi’s initial plans for Spider-Man 4 included the Vulture. Campbell was linked to Mysterio as well, but it’s not clear how that happened. Regardless, the film fell apart and Sony rebooted Spider-Man.

During his Flickering Myth interview, Campbell also addressed Jake Gyllenhaal’s role as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

“Isn’t dreamy Jake Gyllenhaal… isn’t he Mysterio anyway?..I’ll bet he’s awesome. Now he can go back to his little darling indies again.”

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