Superman: Red Son Animated Movie Will Debut In 2020

Every year at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. premieres an animated film before announcing its next project. This year’s Comic-Con was no exception. At the conclusion of the world premiere panel for Batman: Hush, Warner Bros. announced three new DC animated films for next year. The first film will be based upon Mark Millar and Dave Johnson’s Elseworlds tale, Superman: Red Son.

Superman: Red Son was published in 2003, and depicted a world in which Clark Kent was raised in the Soviet Union. As the most devout believer in Communism, this version of Superman threatened to conquer the world in the name of Russia. However, alternate incarnations of heroes rose to oppose him. And in America, Lex Luthor was the nation’s last line of defense against Superman.

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Following Superman: Red Son in early 2020, Warner Bros. will release Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. That may be based on The Darkseid War arc from Geoff Johns’ Justice League run. The animated films, including Reign of the Supermen, have been building towards a confrontation with Darkseid. Even Batman: Hush features an allusion to that.

For next year’s Comic-Con, Warner Bros. will likely debut Superman: Man of Tomorrow. According to the panel, Man of Tomorrow is also an original animated film that isn’t based on a comic. Further details about that movie were not disclosed.

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