Andrew Lincoln’s Walking Dead Movies Will Head To Theaters

On the night of Andrew Lincoln’s final appearance in The Walking Dead, AMC announced he would reprise his role as Rick Grimes in a trilogy of Walking Dead movies. However, it appears that AMC now has more ambitious plans.

At Comic-Con, it was announced that The Walking Dead movie will now be a theatrical release. Universal Pictures will distribute the film, while AMC will produce it. The project doesn’t currently have a release date or a creative team attached.

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Currently, the Rick Grimes trilogy is the subject of conjecture from fans of the show. The series has already wildly veered from the comic book’s story by killing off Rick’s son, Carl, among other characters. The film will likely deal with Rick’s fate after he was taken away by helicopter after a nearly fatal run-in with the walkers.

Danai Gurira may also reprise her role as Michonne in the films. Guriria confirmed at Comic-Con that the upcoming tenth season of The Walking Dead will also be her last. She has been on the series since season 3. In another departure from the comic, Rick and Michonne are lovers on the series. That makes her inclusion in the movie more likely as well.

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