Captain Marvel Directors Share Their Original Post-Credits Idea

Warning: There Are spoilers ahead for Captain Marvel!

By now, most fans know how the post-credits scenes played out in Captain Marvel. But the film’s directors, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, recently spoke with Digital Spy about how the post-credits could have taken a more interesting turn. Most notably with Jude Law’s character, Yon-Rogg.

“We toyed with different ideas of where she might send him off to at the end, and one time we joked that maybe she sent him off and he ended up on Sakaar much like Thor: Ragnarok,” explained Boden. “We see his ship opening up in that junkyard and we know what’s coming for him.”

“An original end credits tag was Yon-Rogg ending up on Sakaar, but I think the tags we ended up with are pretty delightful,” added Fleck.

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In the mid-credits scene, Captain Marvel meets the remaining Avengers following Thanos’ snap. In the post-credits scene, Goose coughs up the Tesseract onto Fury’s desk. However,  the film never gets back to Yon-Rogg after Carol literally sent him packing. Supposedly Yon-Rogg’s ship was going back to Hala, the Kree homeworld. Presumably, Yon-Rogg was punished for his failure to contain Carol Danvers. But there’s always a chance that he could reappear in the future.

Do you think Marvel should have gone with Yon-Rogg’s original fate? Let us know in the comment section below!

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